Free E-book and Other Resources

Why Can't I Change?

      Here's that free e-book I promised you; you can download the PDF by clicking on the picture to the left, or the link above.

      In this book, I share many never-before revealed secrets about why it's so hard to change and to beat procrastination, when your own brain is working as hard as it can to stop you! Plus, I share a few simple, powerful ideas that changed my life... forever.

Change Without Pain,
Life Without Struggle

      This sample issue of my monthly newsletter for Mind Hackers’ Guild members explains more about the differences between naturally successful and naturally struggling people, and gives some practical tips for living a life of purpose.

Eight Principles That
Could Change The World

      This is an early version of The Eight Principles of Natural Success, as originally posted to my blog at; a more up-to-date version of these will be included in Thinking Things Done.

How To Make Yourself Do Anything

      This is the recording and workbook for a teleconference workshop I did in 2007; it lays the groundwork for virtually everything I’ve done since then.

Thinking Things Done

      The official site for my upcoming book, Thinking Things Done: “The Effortless Way to Start, Focus, and Finally Finish… Everything You’ve Been Putting Off (Or Only Dreamed of Doing!)” Be sure to check out the free training videos, like the one on How To Turn Your Thoughts Into Action in 30 Seconds Or Less!

     I hope you find these resources useful and informative.  Really, these materials are just a tiny fraction of what I've written and recorded in the last few years, and the barest beginning of what I teach to members of my self-improvement group, The Mind Hackers' Guild.  Subscribing members of the Guild participate in live monthly teleconferences, receive a monthly newsletter and CD, and get to interact with me and others through our private, members-only forum.

     At the moment, the Guild is closed to new members.  But keep an eye out for an announcement soon, however, as we will probably open registration again in early 2009, when Thinking Things Done is released.

     Until then, I trust the above resources will keep you busy for a while!  Enjoy, and may you use what you learn to become the true owner of your life -- instead of just being a slave to your brain and its programming.  Good luck!

-- Phillip “PJ” Eby
    The “No-Guesswork Guru” of Thinking Things Done

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